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My Three Favorite Doctor Who Bits
I originally started to put this together for call_me_ps , who received some really awful news in the last day. But you know what? Watching these again gave me a much-needed smile as well! So if you're a fan of Doctor Who, are dealing with the good stress or the bad stress, and regardless whether you've seen these before, enjoy!

First up: 11 minutes of Rory punching Hitler! In the words of my lovely wife: "It does just what it says on the tin!"

I stumbled across this little gem while searching for the video above. Not sure what the original movie is, but the new subtitles are genius!

Finally, Comic Relief is a British charity organization that holds Red Nose Day. For last year's event, the Who team put together a pair of shorts titled "Space/Time". Here's "Space":

And "Time":

Red Nose Day is, sadly, a biennial event, so no new short until 2013!

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Oh! OH! This post got lost on my flist somehow. I'm only just now seeing it. I am at work at the moment, but as soon as I get home I WILL BE WATCHING.


Yes, do wait until you get home to watch these. Laughing your ass off and then trying to figure out a way to reattach it is probably a bad thing to do at work.

Also, in response to your "was just assured that Rory isn't dead" comment the other day: he's too much of a bad ass to die. No, seriously, he can be killed, he can be erased from existence, he can be turned into a [SPOILERS] and have to [MORE SPOILERS] for [EVEN MORE SPOILERS] years, and it will not stop him, he's a god damn bad ass.

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