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Caribbean Curtain Magic!
Our curtain installation guy came around our new place here in Jamaica three times to install the curtains. During his final visit he put curtains up in all of the out-of-the-way windows, the ones in closets and corners that receive no direct sunlight. And wouldn't you know it, the temperature dropped several degrees!

I mentioned to Anne that this was obviously a case of Caribbean Curtain Magic. She responded that that sounded like the title to a journal entry.

And so it is.

We've been in Jamaica for close to a month now. Anne has been settling in to her new job at the Embassy, playing paperwork whack-a-mole and getting used to early Caribbean mornings. Meanwhile, I've been slowly but surely putting our house in order.

Let me first point out that we are extremely lucky to even have a house to live in. There is a hotel here in Kingston that has been converted into apartments for Anne's colleagues that have families smaller than ours. We could have been put there temporarily, but the parts that aren't undergoing mold remediation are full of temporary employees. We were expecting to spend our first few weeks in Jamaica living from a hotel room, and then we got the unexpected email just as we arrived in Key West. We had a house!

It normally takes two or three months to prepare a place for us. In the time since our arrival, I have seen first-hand just why that is. In addition to our curtain guy, I've had crews of people showing up with little to no warning, to do all sorts of work I had no idea was scheduled. Consider that nothing gets done without at least three visits, and you can see how my daily life has become a series of adventures, and all without leaving my living room!

To date, we've had curtains installed, a new oven installed, the apartment-sized water heater was replaced with a full-size version, the water filter was replaced (ewww), the defective fan of Chinese origin in the guest bedroom was fixed, and both our UAB and HHE were delivered with literally hours' advance notice. Whew.

We've mostly unpacked, and are eagerly awaiting our final HHE shipment containing everything we haven't seen since we moved to Washington D.C. a year ago. Otherwise we're down to just one more defective Chinese-made ceiling fan, a dishwasher that floods the kitchen if we turn it on, and no car.

Some day we'll be completely unpacked and settled in, probably the week before they send us to our next destination!


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