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Random Observations
As a stay-at-home dad, two groups of people have traditionally been the bane of my existence: senior citizens and school groups. Living in D.C., however, I can now officially add a third to this list: the over-dressed arrogant political type. They storm in wearing their three piece suits and their blackberries surgically grafted to their ear and act like an entitled asshole to everyone.

(Still, it was incredibly funny to watch one completely fail to use the self check-out machines at the grocery store.)

The corporate apartment complex we're living in has a contract with the State Department, which means almost everyone we meet shares this lifestyle. We've got several amenities, including premium cable service. And while we're enjoying Game of Thrones every week on HBO, guess what channel we don't have? The Travel Channel. This is my new definition of irony.

We went ahead and bought an Xbox 360 with the Kinect. There is a lot of interest in using the Kinect as an in-class educational tool that I'm researching--but the games are plenty of fun, as well. Star Wars Kinect is entertaining, as long as you avoid the dance game, but the one that really blows me away is Child of Eden. Holy shit.

Second observation about the Kinect: what the Kinect really needs is an Avatar: The Last Airbender game. One where you physically perform the forms so your character does the elemental bending. Just saying.

And more about video games! I finally bought Portal 2 last week, loaded it up . . . and suddenly it was 3am. In this way good video games are like good books. (I also got a copy for Anne, not because we're going to rock the cooperative game, but because we're going to be hilariously bad at it.)

We spent this past weekend camping in West Virginia, which was awesome. We needed a break and it was nice to go somewhere outside of Washington D.C. to just be a family for a little while, as opposed to the Foreign Service Family.

Finally, we have the beginnings of a plan for our house in Minneapolis. The next step, once the plan is set in stone, is for me to fly back and complete pack out. I figure it will take a week to clean up, clean out, and inventory all of our household effects. Hopefully we can coordinate it with Elliot attending day camp in Minnesota at the same time. *crosses fingers*


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