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Constructing the New Normal
Today was a sad day. The sort of day where I push on doing things because completing tasks cheers me up, and I know if I stop then I'll feel the first few tendrils of depression coiling about me. I should point out that this isn't unexpected, just a little earlier than I thought. I'm getting used to taking care of three children now, and doing it in a brand new city. I started to really feel the million little frustrations begin to mount, but what really threatened to drag me down today, the real kicker, was that I missed my house.

These feelings are all part of the process as we create the new normal. We'll explore the new city, discover the new culture, find our favorite spots, meet new people, and otherwise find our new groove. And you know what? It's going to happen again, and again, every new post and probably every time we return stateside.

My hope is that by recognizing the emotional reactions for what they are, I can better manage them and grow through them.

Speaking of building the new normal, I'm having a think about what to do with this journal. Considering the direction of Livejournal's development, and who currently owns it, leaves certain questions about my using it. At best this remains "my personal journal" and not "my life as the husband of a Foreign Service Officer". At worst, I shut this down and either blog elsewhere, or not at all. At least the issue is slightly less touchy for me than for my lovely rockstar wife.

I'm making more use of Facebook, but you know. It's Facebook. When they're not creepily amassing volumes of data on you, they're accidently making said data uncomfortably public. Not to mention, after you edit whatever you were going to say for friends, family, extended family, friends of exes, employers, potential employers, future students, and your own kids, you tend to say nothing at all. Which is okay, because entries have to be short anyway.

While I'm not sure there's an answer here, I'll continue to research my options. Just one more thing to do while I take care of two boys and a baby in an unfamiliar city!

Tomorrow should be a good day, though. Cooking corned beef and cabbage in the afternoon, as well as some baking projects with Elliot and Rhys. We'll spend the morning out of the house because it's been eighty degrees and beautiful out. We'll spend some of it meeting people in the complex, and some of it exploring Eden Center. As soon as I figure out a portable bottle-warming solution for Patrick, we'll be spending a lot of time on the Metro, exploring Washington.

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In regaurds to baking

This just occured to me. No brewing and you may have limited access to things like alcohol or more to the point, rum or vodka for making extracts (due in primary to contry restrictions that she may be posted in). To that point, I have been keeping some vanilla extract, home made with both tahitian and bourbon vanilla beans going.

If at any time you would like me to send you some, I would be happy to. I may ask for shipping costs from time to time but if you have good quality vanilla that doesn't cost an arm and a leg then you may get a better quality of baking. My wife loves to bake with the stuff, though with the diet we are currently on it doesn't allow for much baked goods.

I make 2-3 cups of vanilla extract at a time and it takes 2 months to do so. Now I KNOW it isn't going to take 2 months for her to go through even a 1/2 cup of vanilla extract, so I will always have extra.

I know money is tight now so don't worry about it.

If you want me to send you say a cup of extract then cool.

I am also making other extracts but they don't turn out as good. I have made lemon, orange, a weak almond, and a Chocolate Mint extract from fresh plants out of Chelle's front lawn. The Mint is also a bit weak but still good. I make it with white rum, but for shipping purposes you can just ship extract, the alcohol doesn't come into play.

I am not sure what other restrictions that shipping to countries will be but, hey that's a future consern.

Let me know,

(Also, if you get some unusual spices/fruit or something in countries that may ship well, I would like to see if it is possible to get something now and again. But not neccessary. The fact that you have the opertunity for new foods and new places is great. Pictures would be good, just saying.)

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