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Some notes from Washington, D.C.
* Today was Anne's first day of A-100. I didn't get to see her off, sadly, because I was on Calming Baby Down Duty from 1:30 to 6:00 in the morning. Patrick continued to require a lot of attention as the day went on--not unexpectedly. When Anne returned home, she was eager to take Patrick and snuggle him all up, and I was eager to finally detach the baby barnacle! So it all worked out well in the end.

* Elliot and Rhys are settling in fairly well. They have their moments of adjustment, which to the unaccustomed eye looks a lot like screaming emotional breakdowns. We've brought a lot of familiar items from home, but meeting the other children in our apartment complex will help even more. There are a series of kid activities beginning tomorrow that will help in that regard.

* I keep getting this vibe in Washington D.C., like I magically woke up in Europe. I mean, functional and useful subway system? Huge old museums and art galleries, all free to visit? This is not the United States I grew up in! Our second day here we took the boys to the National Museum of Natural History. They loved seeing the dinosaur fossils, but I really want to just hang out on the Mall all day, walking from gallery to museum to monument to gallery.

* Our furnished apartment is next door to Eden Center. Hell, our particular building and apartment is as close as you can get to it. For those who haven't clicked the link, Eden Center is like China town, only Vietnamese. You can't step out of our building without being assaulted by the amalgamated olfactory bliss of dozens of Vietnamese restaurants preparing my favorite foods.

* My parents are discussing a visit, which is sort of okay. There is so much to see and do here, their entire visit would consist of organized outings. It's not like we have the space in our apartment to put anyone up anyway! I'd have to enforce mama/baby snuggle time in the evenings, but otherwise it would mean a week when I wasn't solo parenting two rambunctious little boys and a new baby.

* Speaking of solo parenting, I had a bizarre dream last night that my life was part of a reality show competition called "Super Dads!" The host bore a strange resemblance to the Chairman in Iron Chef and gave me my assignment: "You must take care of two young boys and a baby in Washington D.C.!" And when I handily won that round, he sent me on a bonus assignment: "Now we send you all to Cairo!" At which point Anne woke me up to settle Patrick back down at 1:30 in the morning.

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If we end up posted to Cairo, I'm going to laugh my balls off. ;)

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