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Road to Washington Day 3: (Sort of but not really) Panic in Maryland
We're spending the night in Hagerstown, MD. We've mentioned Hagerstown in conversation quite a bit, Anne and I. This is where the State Department keeps long-term storage of its officer's belongings. As in: "we have to decide which of our things are going to Washington, which are going to post, and which are going to Hagerstown."

Hagerstown is only an hour and a half from Washington, D.C., so why bother stopping? There were a few reasons. Well, the kids were done. Like extra crispy, screaming overtired bloody murder, done. We also can't check into our new place until 3:30 tomorrow, so there's little sense in hurrying. The plan is to have a lazy morning, eat breakfast, drive to Falls Church, eat delicious Vietnamese food for lunch, and finally check in.

Anne and I are excited to finally be this close, but could also freak out at any second. I decided to turn to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for inspiration to better cope with extreme change, but I don't think that this was a good idea. DON'T PANIC is all well and good, but so far Ford Prefect's coping mechanisms seem to be A) drink a lot and B) entrust his fate to the Vogons. Not the best advice, that.


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